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'Rubus' Royalty Purple Raspberry Seeds

'Rubus' Royalty Purple Raspberry Seeds

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Botanical Name  Rubus idaeus 'Royalty Purple' 
Mature Height 5 Feet
Mature Width 4 Feet
Light Requirement Full Sun
Hardiness Zone Zones 4-8
Tolerance N/A
Attracts Pollinators


ℹ The most popular purple raspberry variety today, ‘Royalty’ is very productive. This purple summer-bearing variety is one of the heaviest producers. Sweet delicious flavor, producing outstanding jellies and jams. Disease and insect resistant. It is later ripening variety and also excellent for fresh eating. A cross between a purple raspberry and a red raspberry by the Cornell Research Foundation. Combines the desirable features of both, coupling the large fruit size and plant vigor of a purple hybrid with the high fruit quality of a red raspberry. A good substitute for Black raspberry. Suckers sparingly. ‘Royalty’ is hardy, has wide adaptation, and has great yield potential. Self pollinating, ripens in August.

Planting Instructions:

To plant raspberries from seeds, sow the seeds in a plastic peat pot starting in mid-winter. Push the seeds about an inch deep into the soil, and plant the seeds about an inch apart from one another. Cover your raspberry seeds with a thin layer of sand. Store in a dim and cool place indoors, such as a pantry or even a garage. Keep the seeds moist by spraying with a spray bottle as needed. Once temperatures reach above 60F, place your raspberry pot outdoors. After 4-6 weeks, the seeds should start to germinate. Once they've started to develop leaves and have grown about one inch in height, transplant them in a big pot or in the garden. Once transplanted, cover the base around the plant with mulch. This will keep the soil nice and moist. Right after planting, make sure to water!

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