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'Lupinus' Hybrid Lupine Seed Mix

'Lupinus' Hybrid Lupine Seed Mix

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Botanical Name Lupinus Hybrid Mix
Mature Height 3 Feet 
Mature Width 2 Feet
Light Requirement Full Sun to Partial Shade 
Hardiness Zone Zones 4-9 
Tolerance Deer, Rabbit, Drought
Attracts Pollinators

ℹ A mix of our most popular hybrid lupine seed. The blooms are 30-40 cm long and come in a array of solid and multi coloured flowers ranging from red, white, salmon, pink/yellow and purple/yellow. A long blooming and enchanting the flower spikes are held above large, lush palmate foliage. Cutting spent spikes extends bloom even further. This garden gem creates a truly stunning effect when planted in multiples! The eye catching flowers of this lupine hybrid seed mix create a huge impact in patio containers or flower borders, and performs excellent as a cut flower! As every lupine, it bears their typical fragrance and hummingbirds and butterflies are endlessly attracted to them - as are most onlookers! They can fix nitrogen from the atmosphere and distribute it through their roots. This is why they are often used as pioneer plants in poor soils. 

Planting Instructions:

Sow indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost. If starting indoors, use peat or coir pots to minimize root disturbance. Lupins work equally well direct sown in early spring when some risk of frost is still possible. They can be direct sown in autumn where winters are mild. If starting indoors, scarify seeds by chipping, or soak in water for 24 hours prior to sowing. Sow shallowly, a couple of millimetres (1/8″) deep, and maintain a coolish soil temperature of 12-18°C (55-65°F). Seeds should germinate in 14-60 days. 

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